11 inquiries against CDA officials finalised


ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced on Thursday that its inquiry process has been sped up and the proceedings of another 11 inquiries have been finalised and penalties have been imposed.
Another 114 inquiries into alleged malpractice, corruption and mismanagement by CDA officials, as well as inquiries on disciplinary grounds, are still pending.
Last month, the CDA’s human resource directorate told the chairman that 76 out of 201 inquiries had been decided.
114 investigations into malpractice, corruption and mismanagement pending
A statement issued by the authority said that in light of the findings of the 11 newly completed inquiries, various major and minor penalties have been imposed on employees found guilty while officials upon whom charges could not be established have been exonerated.
These orders were issued in accordance with the CDA Employees Service Regulation 1992, and with the approval of the competent authorities.
The statement said that an inquiry conducted against Estate Affectees official Mohammad Dilshad and sub-assistant Pervaiz Iqbal into missing pages from the plot file for sector I-10/1 has been finalised.
The inquiry established negligence against the two officials and recommended a reduction in time scale for Mr Iqbal. Mr Dilshad had already retired from service when the inquiry was completed, the statement said.
An inquiry against Directorate of Municipal Administration sub-assistant Naveed Abbasi for issuing a fake no-objection certificate was also finalised, and he will be given a minor penalty of two withheld increments for two years.
An inquiry regarding disciplinary proceedings against Waseem Abbas has been punished with the stoppage of two increments for two years.
An inquiry against enforcement directorate supervisor Shahid Iqbal was finalised and he has been censured.
Officials involved in other inquiries have been exonerated and warned in light of the findings.
The statement said the CDA chairman has taken notice of hurdles, impediments and the lethargic attitude of inquiry officers, which are affecting the accountability process.
He has directed that if an inquiry officer does not complete the given assignment in time, disciplinary action should be initiated against the officer and reflected in the officer’s personal files.

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