12,000 Wheat Bags Embezzled In Ubauro Godown


SUKKUR: About 12,000 bags of wheat were found missing from godown of food department in Ubauro in Ghotki district which were allegedly embezzled by former district food controller (DFC), the godown in-charge and head clerk, according to sources.

The sources said the food department purchased 200,000 bags of wheat in 2017-18 and stocked them in the godown in Ubauro out of which 12,000 bags were misappropriated by the officials who prepared fake challans and vouchers to prove the missing bags were sold to a local flour mill in Mureed Shakh in December 2018 and 2019, said the sources.

The sources said that the Anti-Corruption Establishment raided the food department offices in Ghotki eight months ago and since then the record of the missing wheat bags had disappeared.

The former DFC told the NAB Sukkur that the entire record was seized by the ACE personnel.

The value of the 12,000 bags of wheat was said to be around Rs41.4 million but nobody, including food department, bothered to take notice of it.

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