215 Suspects Arrested Last Week


ISLAMABAD: The police arrested 215 suspects last week and recovered Rs13.3 million worth of stolen items, a police spokesperson said.

He said 35 cases of robbery and theft were solved, with43 people were arrested and Rs10m worth of stolen items, including gold jewellery, were recovered from them.

In addition, 14 absconders and 25 people suspected of involvement in bootlegging and drug peddling were arrested. A total of 4.9 kilograms of hashish, 2.45kg of heroin and 329 bottles of liquor were recovered.

Police also arrested 35 people for possessing illegal arms and recovered 31 pistols, four Kalashnikovs and 203 rounds of ammunition from them. Five people were arrested for gambling, and 93 other people were held for their alleged involvement in criminal activity.

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