24,929 arrested in six months

The News

LAHORE : Lahore Police Operations Wing claimed to have arrested 24,929 criminals involved in different crimes during six months, from January to June 2019.
Lahore police arrested 1,038 members of 432 dacoit gangs, 2710 illicit arms carriers, 3,160 drug paddlers and 2,914 gamblers. Moreover, 132 proclaimed offenders of A category, 3313 POs of B category and 2,599 court absconders were also arrested during the six months. Lahore police also arrested 740 persons were arrested for wheelie, 3,513 for kite flying, 263 for firing, 721 for begging and 2547 for violating Price Control Act.
Seventeen persons were held for violating Foreigners Act, 26 for violating Marriage Act and 565 persons for violating Loudspeaker Act.
accidents: At least six persons were killed and 939 injured in different accidents across Punjab province during the last 24 hours. The Punjab Emergency Service/Rescue 1122 responded to 832 accidents in all 36 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. As many as 561 badly injured victims were removed to hospitals and 378 victims with minor injuries were given first aid by the rescue medical teams.

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