37 Fake Cases Registered in Sindh, Complainants Fined



Fines amounting to Rs27,040 have been imposed on complainants of fake cases, after it was revealed that a total of 37 fake cases were registered in Ghotki, Khairpur, Korangi and Shaheed Benazirabad districts of Sindh.

The complainants have been fined on the basis of the report filed by the prosecution, in accordance with sections 182 and 211 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Under the sections, individuals found guilty of falsely charging someone of an offence or providing false information to public servants, so as to cause harm to another individual, are to be punished with imprisonment or fined.

According to the Sindh police spokesperson, a report regarding the actions taken against the complainants of fake cases, under sections 182 and 211 of PPC, by relevant courts, has been submitted to Sindh Inspector General Syed Kaleem Imam. The report states that three fake cases of attempted murder, two of rape, six of robbery, nine of kidnapping, seven of theft and 10 pertaining to other crimes have been registered.

In Ghotki, 29 fake cases have been registered, including three of attempted murder, two of rape, four of robbery, eight of kidnapping, four of slight injury, five of theft and three pertaining to other crimes.

As many as five fake cases have been registered in Khairpur, which include two cases of robbery and three of slight injur­y.

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