ACE Identifies Corrupt Govt Officials

Pakistan Today

LAHORE: A list of atleast 104 government officials charged with corruption was prepared by the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Lahore region, Pakistan Today learnt from reliable sources.

The list identified 36 officials of the revenue department which include the names of Mushtaq Ahmed Patwari, Muhammad Sarwar, Zulafqar Ali, Ejaz Hashmi, Mushtaq Rafiq, Muhammad Adrees, Zulafqar Ali, Ramzan Patwari, Muhammad Aslam Patwari, Khalid Khan (revenue officer), Rana Shahid Gardawar, Rana Nadeem Patwari, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Arshad Zafar Mehmood, Ghulam Sarwar Gardawar, Rana Ghulam Rabbani, Zafar Ullah, Shahid Abbas, Muhammad Mansha Patwari, Muhammad Irfan (Advocate), Muhammad Maqbool, Tahir Hussain Patwari, Khadim Hussain, Tahir Jameel Patwari, Khadim Hussain, Talib Hussain, Muhammad Anwar Patwari,  Bashir Ahmed, Majid Ali, Farhan Muneer, Muhammad Imran, Iqbal Khan (Advocate), Muhammad Javaid, Farhan Anjum Ghazi, Talat Bashir Ahmed, Rana Zeeshan.

Nearly 17 employees from the police department were also identified in the ACE’s list. Their names include Javaid Usman Khan (traffic warden), Muhammad Saleem (ASI), Muhammad Asghar, Asif Iqbal (constable), Asad Ullah (sub-inspector), Abid Hussain, Muhammad Naveed, Muhammad Rafiq constable, Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Ali (ASI), Ghulam Rasool (SI), Shaukat Ali, Abdul Razzaq, Rehmat Ali (ASI), Waseem Butt (SI) and Shaukat Ali (ASI).

Similarly, a total of 10 officials from the Lahore Development Authority were also included in the list. Their names are Tariq Mehmood (junior clerk), Abdul Samad (deputy director), Tahir Mehmood, Khawaja Taimoor (junior clerk), Muhammad Afzal (staff officer), Syed Zeeshan, Syed Zulqarnain, Hafiz Zafa, Muhammad Shafi Patwari, Muhammad Saleem Patwari.

The list further names 11 local government employees which include Muhammad Rafiq, Muhammad Adrees, Hasan Bashir, Amina Bashir, Muhammad Khalid (advocate), Rai Tajammal Abbas, Naeem Asghar, Muhammad Nawaz, Mirza Khurram, Muhabbat Ali, Khalid Mehmood.

A total of five officials of the education department were also listed. Their names include Muhammad Ismail (junior clerk), Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Ejaz Ilyas Shera, Abdul Waheed manager (PVTC), Abbas Raza – senior clerk of government APWA College for women Lahore.

Syed Ali Raza – junior clerk from the social security department, Khalid Saleem and Muhammad Saleem Ullah from the National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) Khalid Saleem from the live stock department, Raza Khan from Planning and Development, Imanit Ali, Karamat Ali and Asghar Ali from the forest department have also been named by the ACE.

According to an ACE official, “The director-general of ACE Gohar Nafees has written letters to the concerned departments for the immediate arrest of these persons and action against them is underway”.

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