ACE Officer Reveals Secret ‘Code Word’ Of Govt Officers For Bribery

ARY News

KARACHI: A senior officer of the anti-corruption department of Karachi’s District East, revealed surprising facts about the high-ranked officers using ‘code word’ for taking bribes, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

Zameer Abbasi, the deputy director of Karachi’s anti-corruption department, told ARY News that the high-ranked government officers appointed on key positions are using a secret ‘code word’ for taking bribes which is ‘package’.

The facts have emerged during the investigation of government officials arrested by his department where Adil Umar and many others including Karachi Development Authority (KDA) engineer, Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) officers were found involved in illegal activities.

But what the ‘package’ meant for?

To this, Abbasi replied that the ‘package’ is for providing three facilities by the corrupt officers which include illegal construction of a storey, changing the status of a welfare plot for residential or commercial building and allowance of commercial constructions in a residential area.

He continued, “The package also covers illegal construction plan without getting approval from SBCA.”

The bribery has been distributed in a channelled way from SBCA inspector to assistant director and later to director-level, however, it is necessary to complete the illegal construction work at night hours, Abbasi revealed.

“Under these ‘package’ deals, thousands of illegal constructions had been completed in three towns of East Zone which caused damaged to the authorities but it filled pockets of corruption officers. Adil Omer had been arrested by NAB [National Accountability Bureau] over mega corruption charges and it led to the registration of a case against him as well. Omer was later removed from his position.”

“Anti-corruption officials had been tasked to 71 spots in Karachi where approximately Rs150 million money in term of bribery was grabbed from only one illegal wedding hall. After the completion of the operation, the things will further open up regarding the exact figure of corruption made through this genre of coordinated activities by the high-ranked officers,” the deputy director said.

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