AJK AB recovers Rs0.8m embezzled amount

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Rs7b Greater Mirpur Water Supply and Sewerage Corruption Scam
MIRPUR (AJK)-The AJK has recovered embezzled amount of Rs0.8 million from an Assistant Engineer accused in the mega Project Management Unit (PMU) corruption scam of over Rs7 billion in the Mirpur Greater Supply and Sewerage Project, official sources said.
An AJK Accountability Bureau’s spokesperson informed on Tuesday that the PMU Assistant Engineer (time) had made excessive payment to the contractor concerned. Investigating Officer / Deputy Director AJK Accountability Bureau deposited the amount in the government exchequer after recovery from the accused, the spokesperson said.
The AJK AB had earlier recovered embezzled amount of Rs2.3 million from other arrested accused in the same mega scam. The bureau has so far recovered Rs3.01 million from the arrested officials of the PMU in the scam. “Stringent action is in progress against other accused involved in the mega corruption scam with prime focus on recovery of the plundered public money from them”, the spokesperson informed.
Several of the accused including officials of the Project Management Unit of Mirpur Greater Supply and Sewerage Project have so far been arrested. Further investigations into the mega scandal are in the progress, the spokesperson said.
Meanwhile, the AJK Accountability Bureau chairman has directed the investigation team of the case to initiate indiscriminate action against all the characters involved in corruption in this most important mega development project of mass public welfare in Mirpur city and stipulated adjoining hamlets.
The project, it may be added, was launched as part of uplift of Mirpur city and adjoining hamlets under the Rs107 billion Mangla Dam raising project. The gigantic water supply and sewerage project, however, fell victim to corruption, right from its inception and it could not be completed.

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