Anti-Corruption Deptt starts probe against corrupt officers

The News

Rawalpindi: Anti-Corruption Rawalpindi has started inquiry against the officers involved in corruption in Labour Welfare Department.

Labour inspector Abdul Shakoor is among one of the officer, who are facing anti-corruption inquiry.

According to details, Abdul Shakoor is working in Rawalpindi station for the last six years.

Shakoor who is non-gazetted officer is also holding the additional charge of two other vacant posts of Labour officers (BPS-16) and covering three different areas of Rawalpindi city. As per law additional charge of (BPS-16) gazetted officer can’t be given to non-gazetted officer.

Anti-corruption Rawalpindi has started inquiry against labour inspector Abdul Shakoor on the complaints of a businessman that he has received the bribe from him after blackmailing. Documents are available with ‘The News’.

When ‘The News’ contacted Director Labour, Chaudhary Fazal he also confirmed that Anti-Corruption Department has started inquiry against labour inspector Abdul Shakoor for his alleged involvement in getting bribe from businessman. Answering question, why Abdul Shakoor is holding additional charge of (BPS-16) labour officer Chaudhary Fazal replied that higher authorities of the department has assigned him (Shakoor) to perform this duty as well.

When ‘The News’ contacted Labour inspector Abdul Shakoor to get his version he rejected the allegation of getting bribe from anyone and said higher officials has assigned him the additional charge of BPS-16.

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