Brick kiln worker gets Rs9.3m FBR tax notice

The News

TANK: A brick kiln worker on Friday asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to take action against the officials of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for sending him a notice to pay Rs9.3 million tax for having bought 27 luxury vehicles.
He was talking to a group of reporters who met him at his workplace to seek his viewpoint.
Bashir Ahmad, the brick kiln worker, said he was shocked to receive the FBR notice as he cannot even imagine buying so many vehicles or having to pay Rs9.3 million tax.
He said he has three children and earned Rs360 daily and the money was not enough to arrange even two time meal for his family.
The poor soul said he was having sleepless nights after receiving the notice.
The FBR notice, a copy of which is available with The News, was delivered to him at his address in Sheikh Autar village on the outskirts of Tank.
“I received the notice a few days ago. According to it, 27 luxury cars were purchased in my name and I have to pay Rs9.3 million tax to the FBR,” he explained while narrating his ordeal.
“Even an arrest warrant was issued for me. My family is in distress after receiving the notice,” he lamented.
“I do not have resources to buy a bicycle to get to my workplace. I walk for three kilometers to reach there. I do not know how I became the owner of 27 luxury cars,” Bashir Ahmad questioned sarcastically.
Bashir Ahmad asked Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Prime Minister to take action against the FBR officials for sending him the notice as he was a poor man.
This correspondent tried to contact the police and FBR officials to seek their comments, but got no response.

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