Buzdar suspends four officials during visit to south Punjab

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MULTAN: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar paid surprise visit to south Punjab districts, suspended four officials, and expressed extreme displeasure over provision of health facilities on Tuesday.He suspended Vehari Chief Executive Officer Education, Vehari Chief Officer Municipal Corporation, Vehari Sadar police SHO Imran Siddiqui, Khanewal District Officer Industry and ordered inquiry against many officials. He also inaugurated wheat harvesting in Chichawatni.
The chief minister was scheduled to visit Sahiwal but at the eleventh hour his helicopter turned towards Vehari and he paid surprise visit to Vehari Sadar police station, took notice of parking of bikes in the police station and ordered inquiry. He sought logic from police officials on parking of bikes in the police station and warned the police officials saying that there was no room to harass citizens at police check posts and guilty officials would not be spared. He said cops would face termination from jobs on corruption complaints. He talked to prisoners in police lock-up and listened to their problems.
The chief minister paid surprise visit to Vehari CEO Education Office and suspended CEO Mustafa Berjis on his absence from his office.Then he moved to Vehari District Education Office Elementary and ordered immediate transfer of DEO Misbah Rafiq.
He visited Vehari DHQ and inquired the patients about health facilities and availability of free medicines. Some patients complained about frequent unavailability of free medicines. The chief minister ordered immediate resolution of complaint. He ordered inquiry into charging fee on laboratory tests and immediate availability of free medicines. He said he had taken a special initiative to improve the health facilities in hospitals.
The chief minister suspended Vehari MC Chief Officer Khalid Irshad on public complaints and ordered inquiry against Vehari DHQ MS Dr Muhammad Fazil on public complaints. Usman Buzdar paid surprise visit to Khanewal deputy commissioner office and checked staff attendance. He suspended Khanewal District Officer Industry on public complaints. He visited many offices in Khanewal, including education, water management and checked attendance of staff. He also visited Khanewal Darul Aman and ordered better quality food for residents. The chief minister inaugurated wheat harvesting campaign in Chichawatni. Speaking on the occasion, he said that he did not believe in showcasing because it could make a person Khadim-e-Ala. He said people could be provided relief through practical welfare of people instead of giving them lollipop in the name of development work.
He said showcasing was promoted in the past and bogus work performed at the cost of much more propaganda but he believed in practical work.
He warned the officials to serve public largely and receive appreciation. The officials who failed to deliver would not remain the part of his team. The government would fulfill all commitments made with peasants as it was going to launch agriculture credit cards. The problem of canal water would be solved on permanent basis in the province and funds would be released to farmers providing them more water. He said the government had increased Punjab water budget to 9 percent. He said more than 22,000 Punchayats would be established in the province; Rs130 billion allocated for wheat procurement in the province to ensure procurement of each seed of wheat. He said the government was considering to increasing the wheat procurement target on the demand of farmers. The distribution of Sehat Insaf Cards has been launched in the province and Sahiwal would be included in the third phase of scheme. He said the government was activating price control committees to curb inflation.

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