CDA Violated Its Own Rules In Allotment Of 38 Plots: Audit Report


ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) broke its own rules in the allotment of 38 residential plots between December 2013 and June 2017, according to a new audit report for the year 2018-19.

The audit report said that the authority’s land directorate allotted 43 plots of various sizes – 25 feet by 50ft, 25ft by 40ft and 30ft by 60ft – to affected people (those whose lands were acquired by the CDA and who were to be given alternate plots) in the Chahan and Lunda Mastal villages, costing the CDA Rs114 million.

The report said that according to a package deal dated Dec 7, 2006, between the CDA and affected people from the Chahan and Lunda Mastal villages (what is now H-10) for the acquisition of 49 kanals and one marla.

Report says allotment of plots to affected people in comparatively more expensive areas cost authority Rs144m

The report said plots were to be allotted in I-14, while affected people from the Sorain and Bokra villages were to be allotted plots in I-11 and I-12.

However, the report said, five plots for affected people from Chahan were allotted in I-12 and the other 38 were allotted in I-10/1 and Margalla Town Phase II, both of which are comparatively more expensive than I-12 and I-14.

The report said that according to the deal, all 43 plots should have been allotted in I-11, I-12 or I-14 on the basis of availability and, if allotted in I-10 and Margalla Town Phase II, the difference in the cost of the plots should have been recovered from the allottees at the market rate.

“Due to allotment of 38 plots in sector I-10 and Margalla Town Phase-II, the authority sustained a loss of Rs114 million as average market rates of sector I-10/Margalla Town Phase-II and sector 1-12 per plot were Rs6 million and Rs3 million respectively,” it said.

The audit pointed out this irregularity in June 2018, the report said. The CDA responded that the land award in this case was announced in 1960 and the built up property (BUP) award in 1970, and the affected people were allotted plots in I-10, Margalla Town and I-12. The remaining affected people of these awards were therefore also allotted plots in these areas.

“During 2016, CDA board decided that all the affectees of old villages be allotted plots only in sector I-11. According to policy and awards, the residential plots were allotted legally and as per policy with the approval of the competent authority,” the report quoted the CDA as saying.

The audit report found the CDA’s responsible unsatisfactory, saying that if the land award was announced in the early 1960s the land should have been vacated after making payments to the affected people.

It said the matter was discussed at a Departmental Audit Committee (DAC) meeting on Jan 4, 2019, and the DAC directed the CDA to justify the package deal approved by the CDA board that was contrary to the policy approved through a summary by the president and its verification to the audit.

“Compliance of the DAC directive was not reported till finalisation of this report,” the report said, and recommended compliance with the directive.

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