Chairman introduces various reforms in NAB to eradicate corruption

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Islamabad : National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has been established owing to negative effects of corruption in country’s progress and prosperity, says a press release.

NAB under the leadership of Chairman Justice (r) Javed Iqbal immediately after assuming the coveted post, which has termed as most effective anti-corruption strategy to eradicate corruption. NAB Chairman introduced various new reforms in NAB and now eradication of corruption has become voice of the whole nation. NAB is actively pursuing the cause to eradicate corruption and to arrest corrupt elements, Proclaimed Offenders and Absconders. Chairman NAB terms his corruption elimination strategy as his topmost priority. He has devised zero tolerance policy for combating the menace of corruption. The chairman managed to recover Rs 298 billion from corrupt elements and deposited in the national exchequer.

Bureaucracy is the backbone of any country’s system as it has important role in country’s progress and prosperity but also have vital role in running country’s affairs. Chairman had not only addressed federal secretaries last day in cabinet division but also answered their queries with arguments. Chairman has vast experience of working in country’s vital institutions including higher judiciary. He is well versed of the issues being confronted by bureaucrats.

In last 13 months, the chairman has successfully transformed NAB into a pro active institution as he sincerely believes that strong institutions means stro

out rightly rejected the propaganda that bureaucracy has stopped working due to fear of NAB.

With the help of statistics, chairman NAB has proved that the ratio of cases against bureaucracy were very negligible as comparing to others. Despite that propaganda campaign against NAB continues. The propaganda aims discouraging NAB and bureaucracy. Chairman has made abundantly clear that everyone is equal before the law. A suspect is innocent unless proven guilty.

NAB believes in resolving issues of everyone in accordance with constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan besides honoring self esteem of every person. NAB is a people friendly institution. NAB invites everyone to pinpoint shortcoming of Bureau if any. The workings of NAB could be improved further in cooperation with people. The people have to keep in mind that eradication of corruption is our collective responsibility. We are all enjoying coveted posts owing to Pakistan. Country has given us a lot and we must pay the country something. We all should jointly work for country’s progress.

Justice Javed said that NAB and bureaucracy do not have affiliations with any group or political party but with the State. Bureaucracy should only work in accordance with law as governments come and go but state of Pakistan is to stay forever.

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