CJP raged over Shoaib Shaikh’s intercessions: Axact fake degree scam

Daily Times

KARACHI: Today while hearing Axact fake degree scam in Supreme Court’s Karachi registry Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar lashe at the owner of Axact company and BOL group Malik Shoaib Shaikh over intercessions.
CJP remarked that he would not accept any intercession in the case and advised Shiekh to refrain from doing so.
Justice Nisar asserted, “You are not strong enough to dictate the judiciary.”
CJP, who was presiding the session, questioned BOL group’s lawyer Shahab Sarki whether they submitted 10 million or not.?
Sarki replied that they have submitted house’s registry in the court. In response to this, CJP stated that “first submit money in the bank, then the case will proceed further.”
Nisar further remarked, “BOL claimed that they had billion rupees money, where is that?”
In response to this, the lawyer requested CJP to give them a time period of three weeks.
CJP issued two weeks time for submission of money otherwise the court will sue Shaikh in contempt of court.
Justice Saqib adjourned the session after ordering Shoaib Shaikh not to leave the country without the court’s permission.

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