CM suspends three SHOs for corruption


RAWALPINDI: Three SHOs of Rawalpindi police have been suspended over charges of alleged corruption, while reader of city police chief has been told to report to Lahore headquarters.
Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar issued these orders following a meeting with parliamentarians and top police officials from Rawalpindi.
During the meeting, the Parliamentary Secretary of Chief Minister’s Inspection Team Aijaz Khan pointed out the dismal performance and allegations of corruption on station house officers of Pirwadhai, Rata Amral and City precincts.
CM Buzdar immediately ordered transfer of CPO’s Reader Inspector Mirza Zaman to Lahore and suspension of the SHOs of Pirwadhai, Rata Amral and City police stations.
In this regard, Aijaz Khan told The Express Tribune that he had highlighted the complaints against the related officials in the meeting with CM. He added that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was committed to provide a safe environment to people in Rawalpindi.
Further, CPO Faisal Rana, when contacted by The Express Tribune, also endorsed the information and assured that the suspended SHOs would be brought to justice after investigation.
The Express Tribune also talked with the suspended SHOs who refused to comment and said that they were public servants and could not give an exclusive statement. They said that only high officials were authorised to give a version on their suspension.
While talking to the media after the meeting, CPO Faisal Rana said that as per vision of the Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, any police official who would not maintain required criteria would not remain a part of the police.
He added that the suspended SHOs would face a departmental inquiry and they could also lose their jobs if charges were proved.
Faisal Rana said that though the meeting was done in presence of the chief minister besides all SHOs were already being monitored very strictly.
He added that the parliamentarians were lawmakers and public representatives and it was their privilege to give suggestions for betterment of law and order in Rawalpindi.
He said that the police’s vision was to keep merit atop of every other thing while policing in Rawalpindi would be done under the same policy.
He added that there would a monthly meeting with lawmakers from Rawalpindi.

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