National Integrity Country System’s Assessment (NICSA)

Transparency International (TI) Pakistan has recently developed a research to support its mission to “make Pakistan a better country to live in”. This research is called the National Integrity Context and Systems Analysis (NICSA) and it focuses on the different sectors of Pakistan termed as the “pillars of integrity”. Research has been undertaken in the thirteen pillars of integrity such as Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Public Sector, Law Enforcement Electoral Management Body, Ombudsman, Supreme Audit Institution, Anti-Corruption Agencies, Political Parties, Media, Civil Society and Business. The laws and practices of these pillars were studied and the strength, weaknesses and recommendations for improvement in the laws and practices were highlighted. The matter on each pillar was compiled after carrying out extensive desk research and interviewing key decision makers in the relevant fields.

A workshop was organized where experts from each sector were invited for a focus group meeting to discuss to get a more rounded understanding of our research and findings.  The experts included retired Justices, Educationists and members of the Parliament. Given the participants’ high-end expertise in their fields, this focus group is designed to seek their valuable input on emerging issues and challenges for the fight against corruption in Pakistan.
The finalized recommendations will be incorporated in the NICSA report. The report will be disseminated amongst the Government and other stakeholders.