Corrupt policemen

The Nation

The work of the police is to save people from danger, but in Turbat, the policemen beat people up without any reason. Mostly, police takes kickback from drug sellers for allowing the sale of drugs in the city. While the police is supposed to prohibit the sale of drugs, because drugs destroy the lives of humans beings, they themselves sell and use drugs.
Some police officers openly take money from riders or drivers. It has happened with me once. While I was riding a bike in the bazaar, a policeman made me stop and took the keys of my bike. I asked him, why did you take the keys of my bike? He wanted to take 500 rupees from me without any reason. I did not give money to that corrupt policeman, so he made me stand outside during the hot day. Furthermore, police also does not give respect to females as well, and sometimes also beats them up. Therefore, I request the government of Balochistan to take immediate action against corrupt policemen

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