Corruption in Punjab: Minister for formation of high-powered commission

Business Recorder

Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat said that a high powered inquiry commission should be formed in Punjab to investigate the corruption of last ten years on pattern of the commission announced by PM Imran Khan in his address to the nation. He was talking to media after a briefing on budget session for the year 2019-20 commencing from today while annual budget would be presented in PA on 14th June.

He said that the poor public reaction on the arrest of Asif Ali Zardari and Hamza shows that the people support Imran Khan’s firm stand on eradication of the corrupt and looters from the country. It is a fact that Imran Khan broke this vicious hookup of the corrupt politicians after a long struggle, earlier looked impossible.

Lauding the federal government on presenting a good budget in hard economical circumstances, Raja assured that the Punjab Budget would be public friendly too. Commenting on the anticipated agitation on Judges’ reference, the minister said “Chief Justice of Pakistan has clarified that the matter of Judges’ reference will be purely decided by the judiciary and not by the government.

The government has only this point of view that nobody is above the law and accountability for which the patriotic lawyers of Pakistan are also supporting the government. So far, more than 25 Bar Associations of Punjab have assured the government that they would not be a part of any such move that may play havoc on the country. Those lawyers’ organizations have also explicitly told that they would not assist a constitutional and judicial matter be converted into a political one.

The government greatly honour such positive thinking prevailing in a large faction of lawyers’ community’ Raja told that the PA was leading the country by passing 17 original and basic legislations during last 8 months and would do more in coming sessions. He assured that the local bodies’ elections in Punjab would be conducted in accordance with the schedule submitted by the government to the Lahore High Court.

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