CPO suspends two more SHOs, orders inquiries

Daily Times

The city police officer (CPO) has accelerated the process of accountability in Rawalpindi police and is taking swift action on public complaints.
CPO Faisal Rana on Friday suspended two more Station House Officers (SHOs) and initiated departmental inquiries against both officers.
According to police spokesperson, Rawalpindi CPO Faisal Rana suspended the SHO of Taxila Police Station Faisal Manzoor on the allegations of sexual harassment and SHO Westridge Police Station Sultan Qamar too for incompetence and poor performance. New SHOs have been appointed in their places.
Faisal Rana is taking immediate notice of public complaints against police officers and employees 24/7 round the clock, which has noticeably boosted the process of accountability in Rawalpindi police. The CPO received the complaints that SHO PS Taxila Faisal Manzoor is harassing the women sexually in the cover of his SHO-ship and uniform.
The complainants also declared that they have audio recordings of said SHO that reveals the questionable conversation. The CPO immediately took notice of this and suspended the SHO Taxila.
On the other hand, the CPO also suspended SHO PS Westridge for incompetence had his closed to police lines. There were complaints against him for his lack of interest regarding increasing crime rate and poor performance.
The CPO said that an inquiry will be held against the both suspended officers and upon conclusions if the allegations turned out to be accurate then said officers will face severe punishments as per the SOP.
Inspector Suhail Zafar is posted as the new SHO for PS Taxila whereas sub-inspector Tahir Rehan was posted as SHO PS Westridge, both officers have assumed their offices accordingly.
While conversing with the complainants; the CPO Muhammad Faisal Rana said that a thorough inquiry shall be carried out upon these allegations and if the allegations are proved to be true then Faisal Manzoor will be punished accordingly as per the departmental rules, which may include the major punishment of dismissal from service.
He maintained said that the alleged audio recording against suspended officer Faisal Manzoor will be vital evidence in the departmental inquiry.
The CPO Muhammad Faisal Rana said that women are the most revered fact of our society, harassing and tormenting them is utterly unacceptable.
He added that It’s police’s job to protect their rights and dignity, I cannot stand the thought of anyone let alone a police officer harassing the women and abusing his powers. It is our job to protect and serve the good people of the community.
It is pertinent to mention that the CPO on Thursday has also suspended two SHOs of Police Station Mandra and Police Station Murree for their poor performance and misuse of their powers.
While chairing a meeting of police officers, the CPO issued directions for proactive safety measures to be implemented regarding the acid attack incidents, for such attacks are worst cases of terrorism.
Acid attack cases will be registered under the anti-terrorist act he maintained.
He maintained that mostly it’s observed these attacks happen on females that increase the gravity of these crimes manifold. The occurrence of acid attacks in a community is an open challenge to the law.
The CPO said that Rawalpindi Police must apply such effective and proactive precautionary measures in place to ensure that these sorts of incidents cannot be carried out. Police must form a comprehensive strategy in this regard.
He added, the police must review the legal position in reference to the shops where acids are sold, and to monitor that the sales are according to the SOP and prescribed lawful boundaries or not. And if any discrepancies are observed then the police must act against them as per the law. He said that if God forbid such an incident occurs, then all involved personnel must be arrested timely.

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