Eight private health facilities sealed during inspection

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PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Healthcare Commission sealed seven private clinics and one lab during the inspection of health facilities in Peshawar on Wednesday.

The commission in a press release said that eight private health facilities were sealed during the inspection.

Commission Chief Executive Officer Azar Sardar said the action was taken after a complaint received from a citizen through the Pakistan Citizen Portal.

Commission Chief Inspector Asadullah Khan, Senior Inspector KP-HCC Saeedur Rehman, Senior Inspector KP-HCC Imtiaz Ali Adnan, Inspector Sajjadullah Khan, Inspector Farhan Wadood inspected Dabgari Garden, Afghan Colony, Faisal Colony, Gulbahar, Sultan Colony, Patang Chowk in Peshawar.

It said that Sadaat Homoeo Clinic of H/Dr Said Hashim was sealed as homoeopath Said Hashim was found administering an allopathic injection at the time of inspection.

Shafi Dental Clinic of Muhammad Arshad was sealed because non-qualified person Muhammad Arshad was running it.

Tahir Clinic was sealed because non-qualified person Tahir was found administering allopathic injections.

Shafique Clinic was sealed because pharmacy technician Shafique was caught administering allopathic injections.

Gohar Medical Centre was sealed because so-called Dr Syed Bilal Shah not registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

A lab was sealed over non-compliance with directions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Healthcare Commission.

Bakht Rawan Clinic was sealed as the service provider was a health technician.

Khurshid Clinic was sealed because dispenser was providing services as a doctor.

It said that notices were also issued to six health facilities for renewal of registration including Dental Clinic, Dr Muhammad Iqbal Dental Clinic, Eman Hospital, Askari Collection Point, Global Lab and Ultrasound Clinic and Shah First Aid Clinic.



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