FIA conducts raids on money exchanges

The News

LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency teams on Sunday conducted raids on all money exchanges in the city and inspected their record. Currency worth millions was taken into possession from the DD Exchange. The FIA arrested Hassan Ghulam Ghous and Omar Dar and registered two FIRs against two branches of the DD Exchange. The FIA conducted raids in the light of the government’s drive against dollar hoarding, money laundering, Hawala/Hundi and illegal speculation regarding de-valuing of Pakistani rupee. FIA Punjab Zone-I Lahore Director Waqar Abbasi has directed Ishfaq Ahmad, deputy director, Commercial Banking Circle, and Zia Islam, deputy director, FIA Corporate Crime Circle, to take strict measures against those involved in the crime.

As per government stance, dollars were hoarded to make rupee weaker in market. This action caused artificial demand for dollar and its rate increased artificially.

To conduct raids, six teams had been constituted comprising Rana Shahwaz, Tariq Masood, Ajmal Sadiq Sindhu, Haji Ameen, Malik Shiraz, Nayyar Tirmzi, Haroon Malik, Javaid Sultan, Altaf Wattoo, Rana Faisal, Osama Mumtaz, Shahid, Imtiaz, Riaz Butt, Malik Ghulam Rasool, Mirza Khizar and others.

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