FIA Cyber Crime Wing Registered 57000 Complaints

Urdu Point

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / Online – 15th October, 2019) The Federal Investigation Agency Cyber Crime wing has received more than 57 thousand cyber-crime complaints regarding anti state and objectionable material on social mediainternettwitter.Despite of lack of facilities FIA has conducted 18232 inquiries and registered 68 cases against culprits, more than 92 accused have been arrested.This was shared by FIA sources , that the police stations of Cyber Crime Wings also extended to Haiderabad and KP including Dera Ismail Khan and Abbottabad.According to FIA sources, the directorate of FIA Cyber Crime Wing is in Islamabad having different circles where 15 judges hear the cases of cyber crime.

However, the official expressed disappointment at the lack of cooperation from social media companies in helping them resolve cases.

He shared that since August 2016FIA received 15, 433 complaints regarding Facebook, 6067 regarding Twitter and 3143 related to Whatsapp. However, these complaints were still being worked on.He also complaint about the lack of staff in FIA Cyber Crime Wing, due to which the back log of pending cases increasing day by day.

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