FIA Files Cases Against 15 Employees For Electricity Theft



Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Electricity, Gas, Oil Anti-Theft Unit has launched a crackdown in the provincial capital. The crackdown was followed by filing cases against more than 15 employees who were involved in the theft of electricity and gas. Further investigations are underway.

Such thefts result in heavy losses to oil, gas and electricity companies in millions.

According to details obtained by The Express Tribune, a crackdown against power and gas thieves is underway on the orders of FIA Director Waqar Abbasi. In this regard, FIA Electricity, Gas, Oil Antitheft Unit Assistant Director Syed Hashim Raza, accompanied by his team, not only took action against employees involved in theft in various areas of the provincial capital, but also carried out departmental investigations against the culprits.

Reportedly, raids occurred in areas including Baghbanpura, Shahdara, Samanabad, Johar Town, Gulshan Ravi and Daroghawala.

Sources added that FIA has filed a lawsuit against the employees involved in the theft of gas from a private girls’ hostel. During the raid that occurred in Samanabad, a restaurant was sealed for stealing electricity. In Baghbanpura, action has been taken against a meat shop. Allegedly, a plaza in Johar Town was also found to be stealing electricity and gas. All these thefts occurred because of the involvement of government employees in these departments. Reportedly, the national treasury suffers a loss of millions of rupees every month due to these thefts. The crackdown by the unit also reduced power and gas theft substantially.

In this regard, the assistant director said the culprits are denting the exchequer through electricity and gas theft and proceedings are underway against them.

“These operations against power and gas theft cases have resulted in a reduced amount of theft incidents and the national exchequer is benefiting in terms of financial stability.”

The unit is conducting operations against those involved in the theft of electricity and gas, with promising results and further improvements are expected in the future, he added.

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