FIA opens probe against its own officer


LAHORE: Who will guard the guards? This question was raised centuries ago by a Greek philosopher. It often resonates in the public’s mind whenever they are exploited by an officer of an agency meant to protect them.
In a similar incident, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), a national department dealing with white collar crime, has initiated an inquiry against an assistant director after finding him involved in corrupt practices. The inquiry was initiated by FIA Punjab zone-II Director Dr Muhammad Tariq Rustom Chohan against Assistant Director Malik Nasir Majeed.
Nasir Majeed was serving as FIA Circle Bahawalpur Assistant Director. Not only has an inquiry been initiated against him, but his services have been placed at the disposal of FIA Headquarters Islamabad Additional Director General (North).
The copy of the order, available with The Express Tribune, states, “The services of FIA Circle Bahawalpur, Assistant Director Malik Nasir Majeed are surrendered and hereby placed at the disposal of FIA Headquarters ADG North due to Nasir’s bad reputation and repeated reports of corruption.”
Before his posting in Bahawalpur, Nasir was appointed at Gujranwala. There too, many complaints were received by the authorities against him over allegations of misuse of authority, receiving bribe to manipulate cases and corruption. He was transferred to Bahawalpur with a warning to mend his ways. However, he continued his path.
Dr Chohan spoke on the issue and said that they had warned him repeatedly but to no avail. “No one is above the law and the FIA has a responsibility to implement the law with honesty and dignity”, he asserted. The director also shared that inquiries have been launched against other officers facing corruption charges. “No one will be allowed to damage the reputation of the agency,” Chohan concluded.
Nasir Majeed, while talking to The Express Tribune, said Chohan was his senior officer. “I am his subordinate. He can initiate an inquiry against me. Holding an inquiry against an officer by a senior officer is not a big issue,” he added.
When asked about the allegations of “corrupt practices” mentioned in the orders of surrendering his services, he repeated that Chohan, being his senior, could write such things against him. When asked if there must be substantial grounds behind these allegations by a senior officer, he started beating about the bush.

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