FIA’s cyber crime wing officers accused of taking $394,000 bribe

Business Recorder

KARACHI: The officials of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Circle (CCC), Karachi have allegedly collected around US$ 394,000 as ‘bribe’ during an investigation against some IT companies. This was claimed in a report submitted by FIA Anti-Corruption Circle (ACC), Karachi.
According to the report, which is exclusively available to Business Recorder, the FIA ACC, Karachi has initiated an inquiry against the officers of FIA CCC on a source report submitted by sister agency, which revealed that officials of FIA, CCC, which was conducting a major investigation against some IT companies, allegedly indulged into corrupt practices in league with private parties.
On January 13, 2021, a raid was conducted by FIA CCC on the office of one of the IT companies and a case was registered against that company. These FIA personnel after conducting the said raid allegedly “approached” the CEO of another IT company and “blackmailed” him by different means and demanded US$ 500,000 as bribe.
However, an amount of Rs. 63 million (equivalent to US$ 393,750/-) was purportedly paid by the CEO of the said company but these FIA CCC officials “kept demanding” the remaining amount of Rs. 17 million or US$ 106,250/-.
The report said the corruption money as paid against an enquiry which was already in progress against the said company at FIA, CCC, Karachi and added that the deputy director FIA CCC, was allegedly patronizing the aforementioned “corruption and harassment”.
Furthermore, it stated the corrupt practices included “harassment” of IT companies was done at the behest of rival entrepreneurs and extorting huge sums from both sides.
Later, the FIA, ACC, Karachi, on the basis of all enquiry proceedings, concluded that the officers of FIA cyber crime remained involved in corrupt practices and deputy director and a private person were the main culprits behind this crime that harmed the image of his agency.
In its detailed report, the FIA ACC, Karachi stated that there was “sufficient evidence” that proved the involvement of deputy director in this corruption case and urged the competent authority to register a corruption case against the deputy director and his private person along with the representatives of the IT company, who entertained them through a hefty bribe.
In addition, the FIA ACC, Karachi also advised the competent authority to suspend deputy director immediately and initiate departmental proceedings against him on the basis of its report for removal from service.
Moreover, the FIA ACC, Karachi further suggested department proceedings against rest of the deputy director’s team member including additional director FIA, CCC, Karachi, who is said to have assets beyond known sources of income.

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