Five Site Offices Of Illegal Housing Schemes Sealed


RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on Thursday sealed five site offices of illegal housing schemes and two unauthorised buildings in different areas of the city.

A team of RDA visited different areas and conducted operation against unauthorized land useandsealed illegal residential-cum-commercial building namely rehabilitation centre and one under construction building in Gulraiz Housing Scheme, Rawalpindi.

The RDA staff including building superintendent, building inspectors andothers supervised the operation with the assistance of Rawalpindi police from the police station concerned.

The owners of these properties constructed illegal building and under construction building are without approval and no objection certificates (NOCs) and in violation of Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 and RDA Building and Zoning Regulations 2007.

Another team of the RDA sealedsite offices of five illegal housing schemes including Abdullah City, Magma City, Al-Makkah City, Regent Farm Houses and Islamabad Farm Houses on Chakri Road Rawalpindi.

RDA spokesman said under Punjab Private Housing schemesandLand Subdivision Rules 2010 notices had been issued to the owners of the housing schemes.

RDA staff including Deputy Director Planning, Superintendent Scheme, Scheme Inspector and others with the assistance of the police from police station concerned carried out operation against above mentioned five illegal housing schemes.

The owners of these properties were running illegal housing schemes site offices in violation of Punjab Private Housing schemes and Land Subdivision Rules 2010.

RDA has advised people that they should not make any investment in any illegal housing scheme which had been declared illegal by RDA. Otherwise, they themselves will be responsible for their losses.

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