GB chief minister accused of misusing funds


GILGIT: The opposition members in the GB Assembly on Friday accused Chief Minister Hafeezur Rehman of misusing funds.
They alleged that the whole GB budget was being distributed among four contractors through an officer of the works department.
Addressing a press conference here, opposition leader Mohammad Shafi Khan along with Pakistan Peoples Party’s Javed Hussain, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Raja Jahanzeb Khan and Balawristan National Front’s Nawaz Khan Naji said the chief minister was spending the funds for gaining political mileage.
Shafi Khan alleged that in a bid to avoid the no-confidence motion in the assembly, the chief minister was distributing the public funds among the ruling PML-N members through a corrupt official of GB works department.
He said the development projects of opposition members were not being approved while ruling members had been instructed to submit their projects for approval in the upcoming budget.
He threatened that the opposition members would disrupt the upcoming GB Assembly budget session and would protest outside the Parliament House in Islamabad if the discrimination with opposition members continued.
On the occasion, the other opposition members alleged that NAB and other investigation agencies officials were being bribed to not investigate the corruption of the ruling party members.
They said according to rules pre-budget session was not being convened by the speaker. The opposition members urged the federal government to take the notice of the corruption of the GB government.

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