Governor lauds NAB for initiating steps against looters of national wealth

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Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said on Thursday that all the steps initiated by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against people who had plundered national wealth were highly praiseworthy.
He stated this as he met at the Governor House NAB Director General in Karachi Mohammad Altaf Bawany. Ismail said that misappropriation of funds related to the public exchequer caused several social evils in the society. Financial corruption, bribery and nepotism had emerged as the cancerous ailments for the society, he added.
He said that the present government had the fullest resolve to safeguard the money related to the public exchequer. The governor said the government had been striving hard to establish a welfare society in accordance with the constitution and the law of the land, which would also be free from the socio-economic menaces of bribery, financial corruption and nepotism. He said that all these efforts were being made while considering them as the foremost priority of the government.
He added that the government had been desirous to witness a pro-active role to be performed by NAB and similar other state agencies for preventing financial embezzlement, corruption, wasteful expenditure and misuse of the government authority.
He said that decisions and steps by the relevant state authorities should be taken on a most independent, just, transparent and autonomous basis in order to prevent instances of misappropriation and embezzlement of the government funds.
For this cause, he said, the government would continue to provide utmost support to all the relevant agencies. The governor said that public wealth was like the trust of people of Pakistan and dishonesty regarding usage of this wealth could never be tolerated by the government.
The NAB official briefed the governor about the performance of the accountability agency’s chapter in the city and also informed him about the steps initiated by NAB on an independent basis to recover looted national wealth and to prevent corrupt practices in the government departments.
The meeting also took into consideration other steps of NAB against corruption, embezzlement of public funds, nepotism, financial crimes and misuse of the official authority.

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