HDA Office Raided, Record Seized


HYDERABAD: The Anti-Cor­­­rup­tion Establishment (ACE) officials raided the office of the Planning and Development Control (P&DC) of Hyder­abad Develop­­ment Authority (HDA) on Wednesday and seized record of the HDA Employees Society phase-I and II.

The raid was conducted under the supervision of a judicial magistrate. The ACE Inspector, Manzoor Memon, examined the record and seized papers relating to around 40 plots of phase-I and II of the HDA Employees Society.

The ACE inspector said that a complaint was filed with ACE authorities by an advocate that bribe of Rs200,000 was being sought for conversion of a plot from residential to commercial.

He added that it was alleged in the complaint that subdivision and amalgamation of plots was also linked with payment of illegal gratification.

HDA director of P&DC Bashir Awan was not present at the time of the raid as he was attending a meeting with HDA director general Ghulam Mohammad.

Bashir Awan, however, directed the P&DC officials, including Mohammad Wasim, to coordinate with the ACE officials and assist them.

The ACE staff seized papers relating to around 40 cases of plots of different allottees.

According to HDA sources, conversion of plots is banned for last couple of years. The HDA Employees Society is being managed by an administrator for a long time. It used to have an elected body but following some disputes the body remained dysfunctional and an administrator was appointed by the cooperatives department.

Massive anomalies and irregularities are reported in both phases of the society as even amenity plots are said to have been misused by successive administrators. Multiple numbers of files of a single plot have been sold to different allottees by the administrators.

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