Justice Javed Iqbal rejuvenated NAB through Excellent Performance

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It is an honour for Pakistan that one of its institution is not only focal institution under United Nations convention against Corruption but also role model for SAARC countries due to its effective and visible performance through three pronged anti corruption strategy comprising Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was established in 1999 to eradicate corruption and recover looted money from corrupt elements.
NAB Chairman Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal, after assuming office, formulated the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, which has been recognized as the most effective strategy against corruption. The NAB Chairman introduced a number of new reforms in the institution. NAB Chairman stated that eradicating corruption was his top priority and he not only adopted zero tolerance policy but also endured any pressure, some Rs 533 billion had been recovered directly or indirectly from the corrupt element from October 2017 till date and deposited the record recovered amount in the national exchequer.
Justice Javed Iqbal while assuming the charge of chairman not only fulfilled his responsibilities as a challenge and firmly believed that the institutions are made up of individuals and if individuals perform their duties diligently, honestly and with dedication that enhanced the prestige of the institution. This also enhanced the respect and credibility of these institutions. People from all sections of the society express confidence in this institution and the people attached to the institution look at the officers and officials with respect and dignity. The NAB chairman had also performed his duties as the Acting Chief Justice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan, then his motto was “Justice for All” and today when he is discharging his responsibilities as NAB Chairman, his policy is ” accountability for all”. Elimination of corruption from the country is NAB’s first priority besides adhering to zero tolerance and self-accountability. NAB officers do not belong to any political party, they are employees of the state and are doing their job according to the law without any discrimination. All NAB inquiries are being conducted within the ambit of the law. The anti-corruption strategy formulated by the Justice Javed Iqbal, has been recognized as the most effective anti-corruption strategy.
After the efforts and hard work of Justice Javed Iqbal, National Accountability Bureau, NAB has emerged as an excellent anti-bribery body with training and working environment for the development of its existing workforce. With the recruitment of new investigative officers, it has become a model institution. The new investigation officers will be trained at the Police Training College, Sihala.
After the completion of their training, the investigation and research work has been further intensified. The hard work of the NAB officers has helped in enhancing transparency, achievement of objectives and professionalism. Justice Javed Iqbal said that due to his experience, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has formulated the best strategy to eradicate corruption in the country. He also paid special attention to the training of officers. The National Accountability Bureau, under the direction of the Chairman, has launched a comprehensive standard grading system to review and further improve the annual performance of NAB officers. Under this grading system, the performance of all NAB regional beavers is being reviewed annually. They are not only made aware of their strengths and weaknesses but are also instructed to rectify them. The NAB has developed an effective monitoring and elevation system to improve the infrastructure and working procedures for expeditious disposal of all grievances. The main objective of citizen friendly NAB is not only to inform the complainant about the progress of his complaint in an efficient manner but also to ensure transparency and accountability in the context of liaison with the complainant in NAB. Which has increased confidence in the NAB and helped promote transparency and merit in the NAB. Where the NAB has improved the infrastructure and working procedures for expeditious handling of grievances, there has been an increase in the number of complaints from inquiries and inquiries to investigations and accountability. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has appointed new law officers in the Prosecution Division keeping in view the modern requirements of the NAB. With the deployment of new investigating officers in the Operations Division and new law officers in the Prosecution Division, both the divisions have become more active. The National Accountability Bureau has also set up training programs to enhance the capacity of its investigative officers and new law officers on modern lines, where they will be trained by national and international experts to investigate corruption and white-collar crimes using state-of-the-art technology. The National Accountability Bureau has filed 1,273 references of corruption in the esteemed accountability courts which are pending with a total value of about Rs. 1300 billion. NAB has set up a forensic science laboratory in Islamabad in which digital Advanced forensic, document and fingerprint analysis facilities are available. While the purpose of setting up the Forensic Science Laboratory was to equip the NAB with modern equipment, it also aims to improve the quality of NAB’s inquiry and investigation, as well as to save time.
NAB is not only an institution that works in accordance with the law to eradicate corruption in the country, but also respects the self-esteem of every person in accordance with the law and firmly believes in resolving their legitimate concerns in accordance with the law and the constitution. Bureau Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal said that the role of business community is very important in the development of the country. The business community is playing an important role in economic development. If the business community is prosperous then the country will be prosperous. To deal with the grievances of the business community promptly, a special desk has been set up at the NAB headquarters where a director level officer is present. In addition, the Chairman NAB has directed the NAB not to take up sales tax and income tax matters. The investigation is referred to the FBR. The bureaucracy is the backbone of any country as it plays a key role not only in the development and prosperity of the country but also in running the system of government. Chairman NAB has performed important responsibilities in various institutions of the country. NAB is a role model for SAARC countries. Pakistan is the first chairman of the SAARC Anti-Corruption Forum. NAB has signed a memorandum of understanding with China to end corruption.
NAB chairman Justice Javed Iqbal The commitment of “accountability for all” to eradicate corruption from the country after taking office is not only being strictly followed through a policy of zero tolerance and self-accountability. The significant achievements of NAB in the last 3 years under the leadership of Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal are the result of the tireless work and teamwork of the NAB officers. The present Chairman also believes in teamwork. He always performs his duties with merit and honesty and he teaches this lesson to all his officers and staff. He said that eradication of corruption was his national duty. Under the able leadership of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Chairman -NAB under its successful anti-corruption strategy was committed to eradicate corruption from Pakistan in an organized and coordinated manner. It is hoped that NAB will continue its indiscriminate operations against.

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