Ministries to have own complaint management system

The Nation

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government as part of its anti-corruption and governance improvement drive has directed all the ministries and their attached departments to devise their own complaint management systems (CMS) besides removing all old faces from key positions who have a track record of being involved in corrupt practices.
To move ahead with its program to purge corruption from the government departments and improve their working as well as efficiency, the two close aides of Prime Minister Imran Khan have recently held at least two meetings with all federal secretaries asking them to implement their directions in letter and spirit to curb corrupt practices within their departments. They have also asked all ministries to submit concrete proposals to take measures on the anti-corruption drive of the government.
Official sources informed The Nation that Adviser to the Prime Minister on Establishment Division, Shehzad Arbab, and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Accountability, Barrister Shahzad Akbar, in the two consecutive meetings, the latest one was held on last Monday, had directed all federal secretaries to introduce a complaint management system (CMS) in their respective divisions and their subordinate departments. They have been conveyed that Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted that any complaint should be resolved within one month and Prime Minister Office would itself monitor each CMS.
Barrister Shahzad Akbar told The Nation that all secretaries have been told to remove those old faces, officials, from key positions who are involved in public dealings and have the reputation of being involved in corrupt practices. “Yes, we have held two meetings on the issue and the ministries have been asked to introduce strict internal surveillance system to curb corruption,” he said.
“Besides bringing back the looted money from abroad, there is a need to launch pre-emptive exercise as part of the government’s anti-corruption drive,” Akbar added.
He said that ministries as well as autonomous bodies have been instructed to devise CMS, and install close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at those premises where there was public dealing. “All things should be on-camera to bring more transparency in the public dealing process. However, we have asked them not to publicise all these measures rather concrete steps,” he said adding that Ministry of Interior was the first one which had devised its own CMS.
To comply with the directions of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Interior has formed a comprehensive plan, both short and long term, to improve its efficiency and its attached department and to cleanse these of corrupt practices. A non-working paper seen by The Nation reveals that the ministry has submitted a number of proposals to the PM Office on the issue and has started implementation on these pitches.
As a first step, the ministry has established a complaint cell at its premises and an online complaint management system would be made operational within a week. In this connection, all departments of the ministry including National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration, Islamabad Police, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Directorate General of Immigrations and Passports, and Civil Armed Forces (CAFs) have nominated their focal persons and the ministry itself has also appointed a senior officer as its focal person. The representative of every subordinate department of the ministry would sit at the complaint cell of the ministry and in case of any complaint; the representative of the department concerned would coordinate with the focal person of that department.
The ministry will also set up a call centre at its premises to receive complaints through calls, short message service (SMS) and e-mails, and call operators would be recruited for the purpose. Call operators would have access to the CMS to launch the complaint on behalf of the complainant against a unique complaint ID (identity).
As part of the government’s anti-corruption drive, the ministry of interior has directed all its subordinate departments to bring a major reshuffle of its officers and other staff keeping in view the period of posting at one place, their overall reputation and their past record. Those officers serving for more than three years especially in public dealing offices are being reshuffled.
An official of the ministry of interior said that the ministry had also reshuffled their entire staff in those sections where public dealing was involved or where there were always more chances of corruption.
Giving an example, he said that the Visa Section of the ministry had been reshuffled.
The ministry has suggested to the Prime Minister’s Office to convert all its offices on e-filing system and the proposal is being implemented. It has also planned to strengthen IT intervention in all its departments for improving service delivery system.
A senior government officer said that though CMS would increase work load of the ministries yet it was a good step to improve governance and bring more transparency in the public sector.

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