Moussavi threatens to sue Saeed over Broadsheet inquiry report

Business Recorder

ISLAMABAD: Broadsheet LLC’s CEO Kaveh Moussavi Saturday asked Pakistan’s Broadsheet case commission head former Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh to apologise to him within seven days or he will sue the former judge in London High Court over defamation.

Rejecting the Broadsheet Commission’s report Moussavi said former Justice Azmat has described him as a convicted person in the report; however, civil contempt does not lead to a criminal record, he added.

He said: “former Justice Azmat does not know the difference between criminal record and civil contempt”. He claimed that Federal Minister Ali Zaidi was in his contact and he had asked him to contact the commission and assured him of transparent investigations.

“Ali Zaidi also assured me of implementation of the court’s orders.” He said, adding that he had “stupidly supposed that the Imran Khan-led government is different [from predecessors]. I thought the Imran Khan-led government was serious in taking measures against corruption.”

Moussavi claimed that not a single person’s statement was included in the inquiry while he himself was the most important witness in the case. He claimed that the inquiry report tried to hide the facts and termed it a “black stain” on the judiciary’s history. “The judiciary should either condemn this report or should bow their heads before the people,” he added.

He alleged that the language used in the inquiry reports was that of ‘mafia lawyers’. He said Imran Khan should have conducted a free and fair investigation as per law, adding that if he [the PM] believes such a report he has no right to remain in the Prime Minister’s office.”

He said it was wrong to hand over the inquiry to a person who has an association with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and former Justice Azmat should had himself recused from the inquiry due to the “conflict of interest”. He alleged that former Justice Azmat did not serve the masses and instead brought shame to the judicial system.

“Pakistan is not ready to pay the remaining amount and no person is ready to take responsibility for the implementation of the court’s orders. Pakistan government did not respect the court’s order and I am still waiting for the remaining amount and further delay in the payment would result in more financial losses to the Pakistani people. Broadsheet has further freeze Pakistan’s money but Pakistan has not initiated any process in this regard.”

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