NAB asks FDE to hold anti-graft competitions

The News

Islamabad: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has expressed the desire to involve students in efforts for increasing anti-corruption awareness among people and has asked the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) to hold bilingual speech, essay writing and painting/poster competitions in this respect.
In a formal communication, the NAB asked the FDE that as corruption was the root cause of Pakistan’s economic and social problems, it (NAB) was striving to eliminate the menace and make Pakistan a corruption free society.
It added that besides intelligentsia, it wanted to involve youths, especially students, as well for creating awareness against the evil of corruption. The NAB said the FDE should hold inter- postgraduate college competitions and encourage all postgraduate colleges overseen by it to participate in the competitions to be in the middle of October, while a final event should be held in any of the colleges.
It added that the winners of competitions would be awarded certificates.
Complying with the NAB request, the FDE formally asked the IMCG, F-7/2, IMCG, F-7/4, IMCG, G-10/4, IMCG, 1-8/3, IMCG, Humak, IMCG, 1-14/3, IMCG, Bhara Kau, IMCB, H-8, IMCB, H-9, IMCB, F-10/4, IMCC, H-8/4 and IMCB, Sihala to hold in-house competition to finalise the best selection (boys and girls) for speech competition (bilingual), essay writing competition and painting and poster competitions. It added that inter-collegiate competitions would be conducted under the supervision of the NAB, which would give away prizes to the winners. The FDE said IMCB F- 10/4 Principal Prof Qasim Masood had been made event coordinator.

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