NAB chairman reviews bureau’s ‘Awareness and Prevention Strategy’

Daily Times

NAB Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal chaired a meeting to review Awareness and Prevention Strategy of NAB at the NAB Headquarters. The NAB chairman said that NAB’s Awareness Strategy has been appreciated by the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitive Index Report of 2019 in order to aware people about the ill effects of corruption, which was an honour for Pakistan and the NAB.
The NAB chairman said that NAB is mandated to carry out Awareness and Prevention functions against corruption in pursuance of Section 33-C of National Accountability Ordinance (NAO). He said that NAB’s awareness and prevention strategy remained very successful in order to aware people about ill effects of corruption. Under NAB’s Awareness and Prevention Strategy, NAB has been engaging different governmental, non-governmental organisations, media, civil society and other segments of society to join hands with NAB’s awareness and prevention efforts in order to aware people especially students in Universities/Colleges at an early age. He said that as per the positive feedback received from various segments of society, NAB’s Awareness and prevention efforts have been effectively highlighted by NAB’s media wing free of cost in print, electronic and social media throughout the country which has been appreciated by all segments of society.
He said that the present management of NAB has taken various measures to check corruption and to nab corrupt elements, proclaimed offenders and absconders. During the last 26 months, NAB has recovered Rs 153 billion from corrupt elements and filed 630 corruption references in respected Accountability courts. The recovery made by NAB was then returned to thousands of victims and some government departments but not a single rupee has been received by any NAB officer/official, as they were considering eradication of corruption from the country as their national service.
He said that NAB’s top most priority is logical conclusion of mega corruption cases by adopting “Accountability for All” policy to eradicate corruption from Pakistan by using all its resources. He said that due to NAB’s proactive awareness and prevention strategy on “Accountability for All” today, NAB has become a vibrant and reputable organization. Reports and Surveys of different reputable national and international organizations like PILDAT, Mishal Pakistan, Transparency International, World Economic Forum and Gallup and Gilani recent survey in which 59 percent people have shown their confidence on NAB’s performance, testifies people’s confidence and trust of people upon NAB’s performance across the board as per law. NAB has not only opened its door for citizens related to their corruption related complaints but received double complaints in 2019 related to corruption as compared to the previous year.
He said that NAB has established more than 60 prevention committees throughout the country in order to identify loopholes and suggest ways and means in consultation with departments concerned to ease out their service delivery systems in order to address the problems of people at large which proved very successful in identify loopholes and thus their solutions with consultation. Due to NAB’s efforts and coordination with various public government departments, service delivery especially one window operations of CDA and ICT have been improving gradually.
The Chairman NAB said that youth is our future. In order to aware youth about the ill effects of corruption, we have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with HEC to students in colleges/universities throughout the country to create awareness against corruption as youths are considered a vanguard in this fight.
NAB has emphasized on the character building of youth. The concept of establishment of Character Building Societies (CBS) in Universities/colleges proved excellent and very successful and more than 55 thousands Character Building Societies (CBS) in Universities/Colleges of the country have been regularly conducting their meeting of Character Building Societies (CBS) in order to aware their university/college fellows about the ill effects of corruption at an early age that’s why the nation is now more aware that corruption is mother of all evils and it should be nabbed now with iron hands. Justice Javed Iqbal has reiterated his firm resolves to eradicate corruption from country by adopting “Accountability for All” Policy across the board. He hoped that collected efforts of all stakeholders could materialize this dream of corruption free Pakistan into reality.

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