NAB has devised a proactive anti-corruption strategy: chairman

Pakistan Today

ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal on Tuesday said that NAB has devised proactive national anti-corruption strategy to root out corruption from the country.
“Eradication of corruption is not only our national duty but is top priority of NAB”, he said while addressing NAB officers here.
He said that NAB has geared up and rejuvenated to nab corrupt, proclaimed offenders and absconders.
“NAB officers should double their efforts to eradicate corruption by adopting accountability for all policy across the board,” he said.
The Chairman said that NAB’s prime focus is on cases of cheating public at large by fraudulent financial companies, bank frauds, willful bank loan defaults, misuse of authority, money laundering and embezzlement of state funds by Government servants etc.
He said that NAB has established its first state of the Art Forensic Science LAB (FSL) in Rawalpindi having the facilities of Digital Forensics, Questioned Documents and Fingerprint Analysis.
The Chairman said NAB has rationalized its workload and timelines have been prescribed for efficient, effective and expeditious disposal of cases putting a maximum limit of 10 months – from complaint verification-to-inquiry-to-investigation and finally to a reference in the Accountability Court.
He said that NAB has also introduced Combine Investigation Team (CIT) system in order to benefit from the experience and collective wisdom of senior supervisory officers.
“This is not only lending quality to the work but also ensuring that no single individual can influence the official proceedings of NAB” he said.
He said that as per the report of Transparency International (TI) of 2017, Pakistan’s ranking in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is 116, adding that Pakistan is considered role model in South Asian countries in its efforts against corruption.
The chairman said this is a great achievement for Pakistan due to NAB efforts.
Besides Transparency International, he said, independent National and International watchdogs like PLIDAT and World Economic Forum have also appreciated Pakistan in curbing corruption.
He said that NAB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China to extend cooperation with each other in the fields of anti-corruption.
Another Memorandum of understanding is likely to be signed with Malaysia in the fields of anti-corruption and details in this regards are being worked out, he said.

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