NAB holds inquiry against top CDA officials involved in illegal allotments of land

Daily Times

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started an inquiry against two senior officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) involved in illegal allotment of plots violating rules and regulations of the civic agency beyond from Rs 30 million, a source in NAB informed on Sunday.

According to the information, Land Additional Director Ghulam Farid and State Additional Director Jawad Muzaffar are both accused and according to NAB, both senior officials have awarded plots of millions acquired for service road in 1-12 sector of Islamabad.

Following the complaints against the two accused, NAB has converted these reservations to a proper inquiry which will be headed by senior officials of the bureau.

The inquiry will also investigate the scam of two senior officials of CDA in allotting 50 plots to victims of I-12 sector.

According to a source in CDA, Ghulam Farid back in 2013, was posted as land deputy director in CDA and allotted 20 plots on fake claims to the so called victims in Sheikhpura illegally and was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency in the scam but nowadays is released on bail.

According to a source, despite serious allegations, Farid is enjoying high status in CDA due to close bonds with premiers in the country. Now, CDA chairman will decide about the future of the two accused as they are under the monitoring of NAB.

Both the accused remained unavailable for comment.

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