NAB Recovers Billions Through Plea Bargains

Daily Times

NAB Lahore, under the command of Director General Shahzad Saleem, has recovered over eight billion and eleven crore rupees through plea bargains, states a two-year report card issued by the bureau.

In two years, more than five billion and sixty crore rupees have been recovered, whereas three billion, twenty crore and forty eight lakh rupees have been disbursed among those affected from these financial corruption cases. In addition to this, thirty-one billion rupees have been directly recovered.

In the housing sector, NAB Lahore concluded 40 out of 62 investigations. In the past two years, Rs 3,000 million worth of plea bargains have been struck for 24,300 victims of illegal housing societies. Under the supervision of DG Lahore, Rs 2,800 million have been recovered from those accused. Meanwhile, Rs 25 billion have been recovered indirectly.

From October 2017 to August 2019, NAB Prosecution Wing filed seven references in accountability courts for recovery of Rs 26 billon. The total number of victims in these references is 21,750. Speaking about the progress report, DG NAB said that his organization is making every possible effort to get the people back their lost money.

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