NAB submitting pleas to 26 ACs for early hearing of references

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ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has decided to submit applications to various accountability courts for early hearing of the corruption references pending in the courts. A total of 1,219 references, involving the corruption of Rs895.279 billion, are still under trial and pending in 26 accountability courts.
According to the NAB monthly analysis report, the bureau has so far received 394,000 complaints since its inception, and, out of which, complaint verification of 13,081 has been conducted, NAB has conducted over 8,000 inquiries, 4,001 investigations, of which 3,386 corruption references were filed in various accountability courts, and it has so far deposited Rs297 billion in the national exchequer since its inception.
In last 11 months, NAB has apprehended 476 persons in last 11 months, complaint verification was conducted against 216 people, inquiries were conducted against 239 persons, investigation were conducted against 79, references were filed against 340 persons in various accountability courts.
According to NAB report, it has managed to convict 72 corrupt persons from relevant courts, and it has also deposited Rs2.4 1 billion in national exchequer in the last 11 months. NAB has also recovered the looted amount from various housing societies and returned to the affectees, including various government departments.
Corruption is the root cause of all ills which hinders not only economic and social progress of a country, but
NAB Chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal not only personally hears people’s complaints related to corruption on Thursdays of every month but also established complaint cells at all regional bureaus.
On the directives of the NAB chairman it has also started to review the annual performance of its officers. A comprehensive grading system has also been started to further improve the performance of NAB staff. Under the system the annual performance of regional bureaus were being reviewed. The staff is informed about their merits and demerits but also warned to improve their shortcomings.
NAB has devised a monitoring and evaluation system, and this system helps disposing of complaints and completing the process from complaint verification to filing a corruption reference in the accountability court within a period of only 10 months.
The ratio of punishing an accused is 77 per cent which is exceptional, and it has also constituted a total of 50,000 societies in various colleges and universities for enhancing awareness about various harmful effects of corruption in society.
Societies are playing their role in elimination of corruption and enhancing awareness against corruption in the society.
NAB Chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal took action against corruption complaints on merit and without any discrimination and has strictly directed the staff to give honour and respect to every complainant visiting NAB and the investigation should be conducted from all accused as per law.

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