NAB urges society to join fight against


QUETTA: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan Director General Muhammad Abid Javed has said that all institutions have to work together to fight corruption.

He was addressing a seminar organised by NAB and Metropolitan Corporation in connection with the World Anti-Corruption Day.

People belonging to different walks of life including members of the chamber of commerce, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) representatives, Balochistan Contractors Association representatives, civil society officials, and social workers were present on the occasion.

The seminar aimed at highlighting corruption being committed in developmental projects and resolution of contractors’ problems in that regard. Speakers of the seminar, NAB DG, PEC vice chairman, mayor and deputy mayor of Quetta discussed various issues including flaws in development project plans, reasons behind delay in completion of development projects and consequences of misapplication and waste of government resources.

The speakers stressed that the rules and regulations should be implemented to stamp out corruption.

DG Javed stressed the need for developing habit of earning lawful livelihood which was significant for building corruption-free society.

The speakers stressed the need for having a sense of ownership for government resources. A walk was also held at the end of the seminar, aimed at reinforcing a struggle against corruption.

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