NAB’s Karachi chief vows to help resolve farmers’ issues

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The Sindh Chamber of Agriculture organised a seminar on the “problems faced by farmers due to corruption” at a local hotel on Tuesday where the Karachi director general of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Mohammad Altaf Bawany, participated as chief guest.

The president of the Chamber of Agriculture, Kabool Khatian, Abdullah Rafi and a large number of growers and farmers hailing from entire Sindh participated.

The spokesman for the NAB Karachi office said that after hearing the farmers’ concerns, the NAB DG during his address to the farmers said that NAB was cognizant of the problems encountered by them. However, he said, only the administration has solutions to a host of issues.

He said that the governance issues would get resolved if homegrown alternative solutions were also adopted for the redressal of problems, instead of looking towards the resource constrained-government for providing ready solutions.

He called upon the farmers to adopt mechanisation in agricultural techniques like the system of sprinklers, instead of waiting for the water distribution mechanism to be improved by the government. He said the contributory approach complemented governance and improved it.

Responding to complaints of farmers, the NAB DG held out the assurance that he would forward suggestions/recommendations to the Sindh government in order to address their problems related to Bardaana distribution under NAB’s prevention regime.

He said the issue of non-operational district units for the computerisation and reconstruction of the revenue record would soon be taken up. The NAB director general said that the menace of corruption could not be curbed singlehandedly unless an effective part was played by the members of the general public with their contribution to efforts to expose the corruption.

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