No embezzlement in any company: Punjab govt

Pakistan Today

LAHORE: Punjab Government Spokesperson Malik Muhammad Ahmed has said there are no financial embezzlement in any company.
In a press release, he maintained that as far as the court’s query regarding salaries of the top professionals of these companies is concerned, it is a competitive process in which the function of the companies is public service delivery and therefore professionals with competence and experience in this field are more often the most suitable candidates for these positions of Public administrations. He said that the overall cost of these operations is reduced even with the apparently high salaries of these top professionals. He went on to explain that hiring permanent employees for cleanliness and sanitation department is going to cost much more than privately outsourced manpower under a well paid top official who deals with this responsibility. This is what we had tried to convey to the court and had explained that this is the most effective approach being practiced in developing and developed countries.
The 100 year old design of operations is no longer cost effective he said and added that these public instructions, he said have been run on 1935 Act.
Responding to a question as why were the existing government institutions not reformed, instead of creating parallel institutions like these companies, he said, “The already existing institutions like municipal corporations are not a parallel institution to Waste Management Companies.
These constitute the public representative mode of the operations while the companies created deal with the outsourcing and contracting for a more economical solution instead of adding fiscal burden.”

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