No progress without elimination of corruption

The Nation

FAISALABAD-Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that Pakistan cannot make progress without elimination of corruption from the country.

Talking to media here on Sunday, he said the PTI government is being run in a transparent manner and all its ministers, including the Prime Minister, are open for accountability.

He said teams are working strenuously and soon a visible change would be felt. Country cannot be prosperous until elimination of corruption, he added. “We don’t have magic wand to resolve problems of 70 years instantly,” said Sarwar.

The governor said his party has produced all its leaders for accountability before the public.

His Sarwar Foundation set up the plant at the jail so that inmates have clean drinking water.

The foundation also renovated the kitchen, opened a clinic, installed benches, painted the prison and planted several plants in line with the prime minister’s clean and green Pakistan initiative.

The initial target was providing 36 jails with clean water and medical facilities but now we have extended the project to 42 jails, including some district jails, he said.

When asked why the project was being undertaken by a private foundation rather than the government, Sarwar brushed aside the question, saying they were all on the same page. Explaining that the government can’t do everything on its own, he said. “We don’t have a magic wand to fix 70 years of issues in two months.”

The biggest issue the government is focusing on is accountability, according to him. It is also focusing on health and education and providing facilities for the people, he said.

It is my hope that we can help the people, he added. Ten plants will be inaugurated in one week – five in Faisalabad and five in Lahore, the governor explained.

Ch Sarwar said the Punjab CM is the power centre in the province and any talk of differences within government ranks is baseless. He said PML-Q is an allied party of PTI and will listen to their grievances.

He visited the Faisalabad Central Jail to inaugurate a new water filtration plant.

Playing down any differences with PML-Q in the province, Sarwar said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s coalition partners are like a family, hence anyone shouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

“We will listen to any reservation that our allies want to convey,” he said. He asserted that he had old family terms with Ch Pervez Elahi, who is now Speaker of the Punjab Assembly.

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