Over 180 Kanals Graveyard Land Retrieved In Lakki Marwat Action


The illegal occupation of graveyard land was highlighted by the locals during an open kutchery convened by deputy commissioner Jehangir Azam Wazir in Aatashi Michenkhel village, last month.

Mr Wazir had ordered the revenue department to demarcate the graveyard land and launch action against land grabbers.

He had made it clear that his administration would not allow anyone to encroach upon graveyard or state land.

Also on Wednesday, the deputy commissioner held an open kutchery in Mamakhel union council near Naurang town.

It is to mention here that during the current year two polio cases have been reported in the locality bordering the Bannu district which is in the grip of polio outbreak.

On the occasion, the area people complained about bad roads and inadequate facilities in the only basic health unit. An elder demanded of the government to extend the rural road of Mamakhel village to the graveyard and order probe into utilisation of funds meant for repair and maintenance of roads. He said the health facility was short of doctors and medicines, while its building needed immediate repair.

Another elder demanded construction of additional classrooms in the primary school and installation of a power transformer for the boys’ high school.

The elders also asked local administration to direct authorities to remove silt from saltwater canals and construct embankments along Kurram River to protect Mamakhel area from floods.

They also demanded stern action against drug traffickers and anti-social elements.

The deputy commissioner directed officials of line departments to improve service delivery and resolve genuine complaints of people without delay. He also called upon people to get their children vaccinated against the crippling polio disease.

The deputy commissioner said that high number of refusal cases had been reported from the locality in previous polio eradication campaigns, therefore elders should convince reluctant parents on vaccination of their children.

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