Pakistan slips down in absence of corruption index with 116th ranking: Survey

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(Karachi) Pakistan has been ranked 116th among 128 countries on the absence of corruption index, a World Justice Project (WJP) Survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan stated on Wednesday.
As per the report, the survey results are based on Factor 2 of the WJP Rule of Law Index which measures the absence of corruption in government. The Index is the world’s leading source for original, independent data on the rule of law.
The factor considers three forms of corruption: bribery, improper influence by public or private interests, and misappropriation of public funds or other resources. These three forms of corruption are examined with respect to government officers in the executive branch, the judiciary, the military, police, and the legislature.
The WJP’s Rule of Law Index 2020 reflects that Pakistan’s score on the index (0.31) fell in 2020 from (0.32) in 2019, thus indicating a fall in Pakistan’s performance on the absence of corruption index.
A WJP report published in The News stated that Pakistan has improved or retained its ranking and scores in some factors including Regulatory Enforcement and Civil Justice. The World Justice Project’s report highlights that more countries declined in overall rule of law performance for the third year in a row, continuing a negative slide towards weakening and stagnating rule of law.
Open Govt Factor
Pakistan faced a major decline in the Open Government factor as it has been placed on 91st position with 0.43 score in 2020. In 2019, Pakistan’s ranking in the same factor was 83 whereas it scored 0.45.
Fundamental Rights
Pakistan’s factor ranking in the Fundamental Rights for the year 2020 is 115 with 0.38 scores. In 2019, the country’s ranking was 114 and the factor score was same 0.38.
Order and Security
Pakistan was ranked on 124th position in the factor ranking of Order and Security. Whereas in 2020 Pakistan has been ranked on 126th place. Only Nigeria and Afghanistan are behind Pakistan in the ranking of Order and Security.
Regulatory Enforcement
Pakistan has improved its ranking in the Regulatory Enforcement factor and was placed on 115th position with 0.39 scores in 2020: The country was placed on 116th number in the ranking in year 2019.
Civil Justice
Pakistan has retained its 118th position in the factor ranking of civil justice for 2020. The country was placed in the same position in 2019 too.
Criminal Justice
Pakistan has slipped six-position down to 98th place in the factor ranking of criminal justice for the year 2020: The country was ranked on 92nd position in 2019. Although the factor scores for both the years remained the same.

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