Parking mafia


KARACHI: The people collecting parking fees in every area of Karachi act like a big mafia. Most of these people are stationed without any authority as they are not part of the team stationed by the municipal corporation or parking fees do not apply in that particular area. We are already paying heavy taxes, and as if that is not enough, this parking mafia collects money in the name of the government. It is getting difficult to park in any place in Karachi, especially near hospitals, as people are charged Rs10 to Rs30 for it. This is an added burden upon citizens. Moreover, these people try to harass and intimidate motorists if they do not pay them the money they ask for. The amount they demand as parking fee also keeps changing every day, and the fee is higher on Sundays. This behaviour is absolutely ridiculous as no one has the right to intimidate citizens. I request the city government to take action against these unauthorised people and to computerise the system of parking fees to avoid fraud.

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