Power sector mess

Pakistan Today

We have multitude of problems starting from maladministration & bad governance , inefficiencies , corruption which include thefts and high T & D losses and incompetence. The last government added appreciable generation capacity of 12000 MWs but no imvestment was made in the distribution sector . Here the fault did not lie with the politicians as much as it was with the technocrats and overall with the administrators of the power sector. They failed to advise the government to take measures to augment the distribtion sector simultaneously.

From the above , it becomes clear that there is no good coordination and synchronized development plan among generation , transmission & distribution schemes , for which only the higher authorities in the power sector are to blame.

In my wiew , the power problem is out of control and it is beyond the capacity of our planners , policy makers and implementors . In the last 15 years or so , things have gone from bad to worse in the power sector , which is eating away our economy .

A surgical operation is imminent . The question is who will lead it . No one seems capable in the present set – up to take the nose diving power sector of the present quagmire.

A suggestion is submitted that we should follow the countries who are successfully running their power system broadly similar to ours . One good example in Asia is Japan which has been operating its power network , in many ways similar to ours , quite satisfactorily over the last about 70 years. There is no harm in learning from others and copying their good engineering practices . We may also request the Japanese power sector group to send experts to see us through these difficult times and streamline our ailing power sector .

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