5. TIP Letter to Senator Nayyar Hussain Bukhari Chairman Senate, Senate of Pakistan Islamabad :NA passes bill to make Bhagwandas new CEC. (8th March, 2014)(Download)


4. Jang Newspaper News:
(15th May, 2013)(News)


3. TIP Letter to Mr. Nawaz Sharif, president PML(N), Lahore : Use of Transparency International Pakistan name for publicity.
(2nd May, 2013) (Download)


2. TIP Letter to Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa : Allegation of Corruption in purchase of weapons for the police force.
(26th April, 2012) (Download)


1. TIP Letter to Mr. Kunwar Khalid Yunus Member Co-Ordination Committee, M.Q.M Pakistan :Kidnapping 100 Persons (Mostly Urdu Speaking) Tortured, Executed (beheaded) by the PPP’s gang War Amn Committee, Lyari in 48 hours( from 17th to 18th August 2011).
(04th November, 2011) (Download)