Railways adopting measures to prevent corruption at all levels

The Nation

The Railways Ministry of Pakistan has been involved in as many as 42 cases of corruption, misappropriation and fraud in its attached departments, subordinate offices and corporations during the last four years – during Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) tenure.
According to available document, with the initiative of removing corruption, the earnings of the ministry increased as compared with the earning of previous years and there was also a decline in misappropriation cases.
The officers and officials involved in corrupt practices were duly taken up and given strict punishments, including dismissal from services. The public sector in the country is substantially struck with corruption and curbing corruption in government functionaries is a priority.
Directorate of Vigilance was restored for ensuring internal checking mechanism to stop corrupt practices proactively and vigilantly. The document added that in its fight against corruption, the ministry adopted a holistic and pronged approach to achieve integrity and maintaining standards.
The Ministry has also adopted a number of safeguarding measures to prevent corruption both at the macro and micro level by introducing ethos of transparency, accountability and efficiency in administration and financial management of its departments.

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