Rampant corruption in Kohat TMA alleged


KOHAT: Opposition leader in the Kohat tehsil council and chairman of the house committee on accounts, Abdur Rehman, has alleged rampant corruption in the tehsil municipal administration, which has rendered it bankrupt.

He alleged that dozens of blue-eyed employees had been drawing salaries without working for many years as they had been accommodated on political basis by the officials to hide their corruption.

Talking to journalists here, he said scores of employees were working in the rent branch which was above the requirement, but even then more than Rs20 million were outstanding against shops and new fruit and vegetable market for last one decade.

Deploring the poor performance of water services and sanitation company, he said despite its commissioning 20 employees of TMA had been working under the head of cleanliness for last one year.

The WSSC had received over Rs30 million during one year, he said, adding no information was provided to him that where these employees were working.

Mr Rehman said receiving tax from unloading and unloading at the cement company had ended, but a six-member staff was still on the payroll of the TMA.

Similarly, he said according to a report submitted to him there were in all 366 employees of TMA, out which, 264 were permanent, and 82 fixed.

He said these 23 employees were drawing salary in cash which was against rules.

He said the fixed employees and surplus ones were burden on the financially-week TMA.

He said he would raise the anomalies in the next session of the council and the opposition would pass a unanimous resolution demanding urgent remedial measures.

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