Reko Diq project: NAB collects proof of losses of trillions of rupees

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ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has collected indisputable proofs of inflicting trillion of rupee losses to the national exchequer in Reko Diq project after scrutiny of record.

The NAB had filed references against 26 high functionaries of Balochistan government in an accountability court, Quetta. According to NAB, the suspects ruined national interest for their personal gains, which inflicted unmatched losses to the national exchequer.

According to details, an agreement the officers of Balochistan government and Balochistan Development Authority benefitted illegally to an Australian Company in 1993. The agreement was contrary to the national interest and to further benefit the suspects, the rules of Balochistan Mining Concession were amended frequently to benefit Tethyan Copper Company upto billion of rupees.

Further severe irregularities were detected in allotment of land and suspects got pecuniary benefits from this also and the suspects has confessed their crime. Startling revelations were come into fore after scrutiny of record and statements of approvers.

According to details, the representatives of TCC were involved in bribing government servants and getting illegal benefits and due to which the benefits of billions of rupees were wasted. Finally the investigation team led by NAB DG operations and NAB DG Balochistan succeeded in resolving the most intricate and mega corruption case. The reference was filed in Accountability Court Quetta following the approval of NAB Chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal.

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